Dental Exam in Hallandale Beach, FL

deerfield beach dentistHaving routine dental examinations from the office of Dr. Angela Berkovich, DMD aids in the prevention, early detection and treatment of tooth decay, oral soft tissue disease, and periodontal disease.

Through visible inspection and dental x-rays, our dental team will be able to complete a comprehensive examination.

The frequency of routine general dental visits should be based on individual needs, with some patients needing to see the dentist more often than others. More frequent visits may be necessary for patients at increased risk for oral diseases due to age, pregnancy, tobacco and alcohol use, periodontal diseases, oral hygiene, and health conditions such as diabetes, dry mouth and HIV. Your dentist and your dental hygienist will determine how often you should have your teeth examined and cleaned.

A complete dental examination will include a soft tissue exam, a screening and examination for periodontal diseases, and a detailed charting of cavities, existing restorations (fillings and crowns), and other tooth conditions.

Dental x-rays may be a part of your routine dental visit and will assist the dentist in locating disease that cannot be seen by the eye, such as cavities that develop between teeth or bone loss that occurs beneath the gums. During examins, routine dental x-rays are a vital step in the discovery process. Dental x-rays allow our dentists to look at what is happening beneath the visible oral tissues, providing the ability to discover potential problems before painful symptoms arise.

Our office serves patients throughout South Florida including Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Coconut Creek, and Coral Springs.

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